An unrequited love short story from two different countries

This is an unrequited love story. It’s based on a real people, but names and countries have been exchanged. Let’s start with her. She was a girl always working hard. She was a kind of serious character, maybe because of her upbringing. She came from a fine family, but her parents broke up when she still was a child. In school, she focused on studying, at work she focused on getting things done.

But coming from a developing country, she wanted to go abroad, somewhere where should could earn a better salary. Going to the US or Europe wasn`t possible – but getting a job on a cruise ship was. She paid an agency to arrange for her to get the job.

On the ship, the work was tough and not what she expected. But, she got to know a guy whom she really liked, and who liked her too. Not at all a case of unrequited love.

Their contract was only for 10 months – and after that, they decided they would want to try their luck together away from the ship. They both went to her homecountry and got an appartment together. Things weren’t perfect – many things needed to be taken care of. For him, it was a tough experience – he didn’t speak the language, the culture was different, it wasn’t easy finding a job.

But anyway, they tried and tried. But finally, he didn’t have it in him – and he decided to go back to his country. It was all too much for him – the language, the jobsearch, and so on.

So he told her he wanted to go back. At least for some time, to see his friends and family back home.

Of course, she cried. She understood that he had a hard time and how difficult it was for him to adjust to this different culture. But at the same time, she would have hoped that the love he felt for her would have been enough to carry him through this. Apparently, it wasn’t.

So they bought a ticket for him to fly back. From there, he called and told her that he wouldn’t come back again, he’d stay in his country. He gave all kinds of reasons for why it was the case, but ultimately, it was probably because he wasn’t happy in that country, with her. She even asked him if she could come to live with him in his country – but he did not want that either.

She didn’t want to give up – partly because it wasn’t clear why he left her. He never told her that he didn’t love her, he always said so. But maybe he just didn’t really love her – maybe only she felt that magic for him.

Unrequited love is like this. It’s not only difficult to be the one who loves – sometimes it is also difficult to be the one who is loved, because you don’t want to tell the other person that you don’t love him or her. This can be tough. Nobody wants to break a heart. Sure, sometimes some part of us can feel validated if we see others want us – but in the end, we don’t want them to go through all kinds of pain and suffering.