Writing Unrequited Love Poems

One way of dealing with unrequited love is to write poems. If you write poems this can help you to get a better understanding of your own emotions – and many times, you might not feel as if you need a clearer understanding of the emotions you experience when you suffer from unrequited love.

Because the emotions are so intense already.

But precisely that is one of the reasons why putting them into words can help: because it requires you to look a bit closer. You see, the intensity makes them almost blinding – it’s like staring at the sun. It’s so bright, it’s overwhelming, and you can’t really see what it is that you are dealing with.

Writing unrequited love poems helps you in a way that sunglasses help you – you process your emotions on a different way, you’re able to channel all those emotional energies into words, create something new out of it.

Nobody is saying that writing poetry alone is a way to overcome unrequited love – but it is one additional method that you can use to better cope with unrequited love and find your way back to happiness.

Discussion about unrequited love

Unrequited love is such an intensely painful experience – sometimes it helps to share your feelings with someone else. But that’s not always an easy thing. Sometimes the emotions are just too much.

That’s when writing can come in. Writing helps your brain to untangle emotions. There are even scientific studies that have shown that writing can lessen the emotional impact of certain memories and thoughts.

But even better than writing for yourself can be to write down how you feel and what you think on a public discussino forum on the internet. The good thing is – you do not need to use your true name. In fact, you should not, but rather protect your anonymity and use a synonym. (And also change the name of the person that you’re in love with if you mention him or her).

Remember – what you write on the internet can be archived forever, and you don’t want someone to be googling it ten years in the future and find out about some of your most intimate, private thoughts and feelings in this difficult time.

But having said that – it really can help to share your feelings this way.

There is a discussion about unrequited love going on right now in this forum. Why not join in? (And if you found help or positive suggestions on this site, you might also mention it on the forum so that others can come and check my little site out too).

Here’s the link to the unrequited love discussion…

Neuroscience On The Feeling of Unrequited Love & Rejection

I know how painful unrequited love can be – and so do you, probably, if you’ve found this website. And now scientists do know it too.

They did an amazing experiment, where they looked into the brains of people who were broken hearted. (When I say looked into, I don’t mean actually cut open their brains and look inside, but they watched their brain activity using technology).

And they found that heartbreak actually causes physical pain – your brain can trigger the same sensation that real, physical pain can cause. It’s not surprising to me, I did feel this pain, but it’s nonetheless fascinating.

“This tells us how serious rejection can be sometimes. When people are saying ‘I really feel in pain about this breakup,’ you don’t want to trivialize it and dismiss it by saying ‘It’s all in your mind.’ Our ultimate goal is to see what kind of therapeutic approach might be useful in relieving the pain of rejection. From everyday experience, rejection seems to be one of the most painful things we experience. It seems the feelings of rejection can be sustained even longer than being angry.”

These are the words of a scientists, Edward E. Smith, director of cognitive neuroscience at Columbia University. And I find it comforting, that he, as a neuroscientist, says that people should not trivialize broken hearted people’s heartache. Because that is still what I hear from many people who go through this and whose friends and family members don’t seem to understand their agony.

Kidnapping Because Of Unrequited Love?

In Kansas City in the United states, there was a woman who was kidnapped because of unrequited love. You can read the full story here.

It’s quiet sad that such a beautiful emotion as love can drive people to do such ugly things as violent crimes and kidnapping. Unfortunately, many people have no better way to deal with their emotions than that, although this is surely a very extreme case. Nonetheless, it is evidence of the intensity of emotions that are involved when it comes to love. After all, many of the worlds greatest stories are about one-sided love and sad romance.