Getting Over Unrequited Love

Getting over unrequited love isn’t easy. It can feel as if you have to destroy some part of your self, because the person that you love is in your heart. People who don’t know what it’s like may say that this sounds melodramatic – but if you are in love with someone who doesn’t love you back, you know how painful and intense it is.

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There are many people who who at some point in their life have a crush on someone who isn’t interested in you. That’s normal, it’s part of live. But unrequited love is different. It’s an experience that few people go through, and it’s tormenting.  It tears your heart apart.

When you are truly deeply in love you can’t stop thinking about that person. You remember all kinds of details, from the look in their eyes, to some words they spoke, how they smell, the way they move… and you wish nothing more than being with that person. But you can’t, because that person isn’t in love with you.

Getting over unrequited love requires more than just mental strength. You know the old saying that the time will heal all wounds? Well, it is true. Eventually we die, and our pain is gone. But letting time pass is not a good way to get over this pain. You need to do something. Time alone won’t help you.

Maybe you have well-meaning friends who give you all kind of advice. But they don’t know what it feels like when there’s nothing left of you – because you feel so empty and lonely. Nothing matters. Everything is meaningless. Everything, but this one person – and that is the one thing in your life that you can’t have.

Maybe you have already tried to get over this person. Maybe you have already tried to “go out and have fun” with friends – but there’s no fun in that left. Maybe when you watch other people, something about them reminds you of that very special person – and it just saddens you.

What once was precious for you is now worthless. It’s like your life has turned into a black-and-white movie, there are no colors left, it’s all just shades of grey.

But believe it or not: in the midst of all of this, there still is hope. Don’t hope for that person falling in love with you. That’s chasing rainbows. But hope that you can find happiness in life again. That you can fall in love again. That you can be truly happy with someone – and with yourself.

It doesn’t mean that you’ll stop loving that special person. You might still love them – but this love can be a different kind of love, a love that transforms you into a more loving, better, happier person.

What matters is that you find a way to work through the grief and pain and agony of it all, and still keep your ability to love alive. Getting over unrequited love is not easy, but you got what it takes. And it will make your heart stronger and bigger, and you will have so much more love to give with joy and passion, and you’ll be able to live life to it’s fullest. Click here to find out more…