He doesn’t love me

This is a message that I received from one of my readers, and I want to share it with you here, because I think sometimes it helps to really see how other people feel and what’s going on inside of them, to better understand ourselves.

She was okay to me publishing this in this form. I rewrote it a little bit, so that your privacy is guaranteed and she was fine with this version as you can read it here.

I don’t even want to comment too much on it, but instead I want you to read it, and really think about it and let me know your opinion about it. Because they usually a lot that are at recognizing what’s going on in other people and helping them to find a solution and we are doing the same thing for ourselves.

Also, please share your opinions. I don’t publish my e-mail address here anymore in public, because they receive too much spam. But you find my e-mail address in the Unrequited Love Advisor.

It is really so painful for me to even write about this… I love him, but he doesn’t love me and that brings me to this dark place and I feel so hopeless.

We got to know each other at work and at first it started out as a flirty office romance. And they really thought that there were more serious than pensions and a more sincere interest on his site. And that made me fall in love. Although originally I was not so much attracted to him. But the longer this went on and the better I got to know him, the more I started to feel for him.

He already is in a relationship, and it makes me feel so terrible. I don’t want to be the kind of woman drives a wedge between a relationship, between a man and a woman and takes away the man. I’ve never done that. But I’m so in love with this man and I always felt that this relationship isn’t true love.

I work in sales, and we basically go to different places around town every day and work in teams to get there. This mix is also eat lunch together every once in a while. Most of the time there’s somebody else there, but sometimes just the two of us. I always enjoy these private lunches together, our little private moments. I really felt an intimate connection to it. I thought he felt the same way. But it turns out he doesn’t. I thought he was always have back by his responsibility in the relationship and he just for such a kind man, but I felt that he was really not happy with his current relationship. So I did the first step and open my heart to. Only, and he replied friendly to me but he made it very clear that he really does not love me and he even said that he is happiest relationship. I have a hard time dealing with that. Sometimes I think you just don’t want to upset things, that he’s not really happy. He told me repeatedly that he doesn’t love me. And ever since I told him, he’s behaving so different and strange. So distant. We weren’t like that before. I don’t know what to do anymore. It feels so terrible. I hate myself for wanting them to break up so that he is free for me. I’m really torn apart. One side of me wants to fight for, because I feel that we are made for each other, but another side of me says that I should let go of him and find another man. I know that letting go is publicly the right thing to do. It will cause the least trouble. But isn’t that also what love is about? Being willing to take on the trouble, being willing to overcome obstacles together for your love? I just can’t stop to think of it and it breaks my heart that he doesn’t love me back.