How To Get Over Someone

In this article I want to talk about how to get over someone. If you’re in love with someone and that person does not love you back, and you already expressed how you feel about them and that you wish to engage in a relationship, then it’s time to move on after a certain point. You don’t want become obsessed with that person, and you don’t want to become some kind of weird stalker.

But I want to make an important distinction here. Because you have to really make a switch in the way you think about the whole situation. Because it really is not about getting over someone. It’s about a completely different thing. And as long as you don’t realize that it is not about getting over someone you will not be able to get over that person. I know that this might sound a little bit confusing or even self-contradictory. But it’s going to be a lot clearer in just a minute, stay with me here.

Unrequited love is always a very painful experience – much more painful than just having a crush on someone who doesn’t feel the same way for you. Because it is a lot more intense feeling than just being heartbroken. I myself was at one time in my life so desperate because of unrequited love that I was about to commit suicide. I know how terrible it can feel. You’re probably thinking about the person constantly, and each time you think about the person it hurts you emotionally. Maybe you feel rejected, hopeless, humiliated, worthless and lonely – that’s how I felt. Maybe you feel desperate because you’re convinced that this is the one person who is the perfect match for you in the universe, your ultimate soulmate.

So in a way you are doing a step in the right direction if you look for ways of getting over someone. But this is really just the first step in finding your way back to happiness. The next step that you have to do is that you realize that it is not about getting over that person. It’s about you and your life. It’s about your happiness. It’s about you being able to enjoy your life again, about you being able to have the great time with your friends, about you being able to recognize your own self-worth again, and to appreciate the beautiful things that life has to offer you.

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A common piece of advice that you will get from other people is that you should just go out with somebody else, see someone else to get your mind off of that person. But if you’re truly in love, how do you feel when you go on a date with somebody else? It is no fun at all. It’s torture. I myself tried that strategy at one point and quite frankly I felt like I was cheating on the person I love. I felt even more terrible. And all I could think about all the time was the one person that decided so much, but could not have.

I tried many different things to get over the woman I loved. Some of it worked a little bit some of it worked a lot and some of it didn’t work at all. Finally, I did find a way to get over that woman. But that way really consisted of several steps that I had to take. So there’s no one easy answer. I would say one of the things that helped me the most was actually using hypnosis to get over her. At first I thought: “What a weird idea, to use hypnosis!”

But I was desperate, and I was willing to try everything. And so I listened to these hypnosis recordings. And what can I say, it really helped. I kind of learned a little bit more about it, and I think it helps because you really do not have conscious control over your emotions. Maybe it’s obvious to your logical mind that there’s no reason to still be in love with that person and that the best thing that you can do is to get over him or her. But your heart doesn’t follow that thought. Your heart still feels the same way. You still feel the love. And you really cannot “unthink” love. At least that was my experience. It didn’t help me to stand in front of the mirror and repeat: ” I don’t love her anymore, I don’t love her anymore!”

It didn’t help me at all.

But with hypnosis you can kind of communicate with your subconscious mind that it’s much more connected to the emotional level of your personality. But that’s just my theory. But in practice, I can say that hypnosis did help me get over her fast.

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