Unrequited Love Movie: Blue Valentine

This is a beautiful unrequited love movie about Dean (Ryan Gosling) and Cindy Heller Pereira. They’re a married couple, so where’s the unrequited love in that? Well, we’ll get to it 🙂

Dean never really thought that he’d become a family guy, but he fell in love at the first time he saw his future wife Cindy. They marry and have a kid together. But both of them come from dysfunctional families, and over time trouble unfolds.
Dean works as a painter and likes this job, because it’s an easy life – he can drink a beer in the morning and still do good work. Cindy works as a nurse, but she believes that Dean doesn’t live up to his full potential. This is the root of the unfolding conflict.
I don’t want to go into too much detail and spoil anything here – but let’s just say this movie is not about unrequited love that never happened, but about unrequited love after a long relationship, when one partner decides to break up and the other one is still in love and wants the relationship to work out.

If you have ever experienced this situation, where two people have shared their lives together for many years, and then one person decides that this isn’t working anymore and wants to move on, you’ll recognize a lot in this movie. It’s a great movie, written and directed beautifully by Derek Cianfrance.

It can be tough. Imagine you made someone part of your life. Over time, this person becomes a part of you – your lives become intertwines, the boundaries between the two of you fade and “you” isn’t what it used to be once. “You” isn’t just you – it’s you AND the other person.

And then one day you break into two. Because this part of you doesn’t want to be a part of you anymore. What do you do? Do you just accept it? No, you try to fight to make it work. You try to talk about it. You promise to change. You try to change. Maybe you even will change. But will it help? Or is it too late already?

And what if there are kids involved? That can make it even more difficult, because nobody wants a young child to go through the trauma of their parents separating. But nobody wants a child to grow up in a dysfunctional family either, where they learn about what family means in a wrong way.

Blue Valentine is a very touching, deep, sensitive, funny and sad unrequited love movie all in one. Great actors, great scripts, great scenes.