Unrequited Love Movie That Can Make You Smile

One of the few things that can help you when you try to get over a broken heart is when something is so funny that it makes you laugh, even in the midst of all the misery of unrequited love.
“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is one of the few movies that might actually accomplish this. It’s a movie about unrequited love, with a funny twist. The plot and dialogues are quite good too, just watch the trailer.

A silly movie for sure, but that might just be what you need. Get some of your favorite TV snacks, switch of your phone and make yourself comfortable in front of your TV.
Sarah Marshall breaks up with him. He can’t get over it. So he tries to go on vacation to forget her. Twisted fate: she’s also on vacation. With her new boyfriend. In the same resort. In the room right next door. What unfolds will make you laugh…