Unrequited Love Murder in Bangalore

by Tim from Unrequited Love Help on October 18, 2011

There’s a sad story from Bangalore, India.

It’s about┬áRavi Rana Singh, the ex-lover of Aparna V, a 21 year old woman. The two studied together in college, but then separated. He was still in love with her when she broke up with him, and even once slit his wrists because he said he couldn’t live with her.

One day he came to her house and saw another man in there, Aparna’s new lover. He came back with a knife, forced his way into the appartment and killed the new lover.

He also attacked the woman, and then ran away. They later found his body lying on the ground, he probably jumped in an attempt to kill himself.

Unrequited love is such an intense emotion – it can make people lose their mind. It can drive people to hurt others and themselves, make them suicidal and even turn them into murderers. Obviously Ravi Rana Singh was insane at the time when he did this, overcome by grief and rage.

Unfortunately, this is just one of many unrequited love stories that happen every single day in the world.


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