Unrequited Love Poems

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Unrequited Love Poems

Love, unrequited, robs me of my rest:
Love, hopeless love, my ardent soul encumbers:
Love, nightmare-like, lies heavy on my chest,
And weaves itself into my midnight slumbers!
-William S. Gilbert

Oh lovelorn heart, give o’er—
Cease thy vain dreams of beauty’s warmth—forget
The face thou longest for.

My love is of a birth as rare
As ‘tis for object strange and high:
It was begotten by Despair
Upon Impossibility.
-Andrew Marvell

Unrequited Love

Relationships are a pain
Especially loving someone in vain
Knowing that no matter what you say
He loves someone else that way

Looking at the person you love
Can be a painful thing not from above
Knowing that he doesn’t love you like that
Wishing the couple would have a spat

Feeling like you’ve lost your best friend
Knowing he won’t love you in the end
Hoping one day he will change his mind
Wishing that your heart he would find

In the dark you stand
Watching him hold her hand
Wishing you could just hate his guts
Why does this feeling make you so nuts

Wanting to talk to him hours on end
Even when you know he has a girlfriend
Watching him play with her curls
Wishing it was you instead of that girl

Knowing one day you’ll make it through
But all the while wishing it was just you
That’s the feeling of unrequited love
Something most definitely not from above

by Amiee Fairchild

I Dream of Unrequited Love

I search to find the one I love
two gentle arms to guide me
I seek assurance from above
that love won’t be denied me.

For wealth I care not, only love
my heart will yearn forever
I’ll take the blow which seals my fate
when loving ties we sever.

I see no moon up in the sky
the night is foreign to me
here is the night we say goodbye
and love will be denied me

by Joyce Hemsley

Perils of Unrequited Love

My world is crumbling today… My sorrow is at its peak…
Will someone wave a magic wand and help me make peace?

Will someone hear my desperate cries…
Of pain and tears and piercing knives?

This throbbing seems to burst veins in my head…
Oh what is happening to me…?
Why am I not dead??

I feel my torment & my heart aches,
There is no solution to this problem.. my life this will take…

My breath is labored.. every movement an effort…
My mind is dead, my eyes sore with tears…

I grapple with myself, try to bring myself to my sense
To no avail, oh ! to no avail !

This Pain, Hot searing pain, it surges & stabs
With daggers drawn & blades that slash

I run wildly, groping in the darkness of my heart…
Blinded I am with Love, Unrequited Love.

One fine day shall surely come when I am free of your Love, this cursed Love…
The Love I have for you, that you will never know of…
The tears I cried, those stained pillows my witnesses

Every look you give me takes my breath away…
From afar I breathe in your fragrance each day.

You are my cross that I have to bear
With weary shoulders, hurt & despair

That moment I curse when I fell for you.
Now as each moment takes me away from you…

by Farooq Alvi

I hope you enjoyed these unrequited love poems, and maybe reading them help you to feel a little better, maybe they inspired you to write something yourself and express your emotions in that way.

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