Unrequited Love Songs

On this page I want to share some unrequited love songs with you that you can listen to right here for free.music really has the power to move us and to touch us, and even though some songs might be depressing, they actually can have an uplifting effect on our spirits, because they are a way of expressing our emotions and channeling the energies into something that is beautiful.

I want to suggest that if you listen to these songs, to actually stand up and you move around and dance in your room and you really get into this feeling. Because if you allow yourself to experience the motion that’s fine. And in a way you are training yourself to gain more control over these emotions. Because if you can amplify them, then you also have the ability to reduce them. So what you’re doing is you’re really kind of training your emotional muscles here.

So here are a couple of unrequited love songs. I hope you enjoy them. If you have any suggestions for more songs that should be added to this list of unrequited love songs and please send me an e-mail. You find my e-mail address in the unrequited love advisor. I don’t publish it on my website anymorebecause when I did I received too much spam and so I had to switch e-mail addresses. But again, you find my e-mail address in the unrequited love advisor. So let’s get started with the songs.

Bonnie Raitt – I can’t make you love me

Katy Perry – Thinking Of You/a>

McFee – Dreamland (explicit hiphop)

Adele – Chasing Pavements

A Full Circle – 3 Libras

Bright Eyes – It’s OK we can still be friends

I hope you enjoyed this collection of unrequited love songs. If you have any suggestions for more songs, please send them to me by e-mail.just get the free unrequited love advisor, there you find my e-mail address inside.

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