What To Do When You Are In Love With A Friend?

– It’s a situation that can happen to everyone. Having a friend for whom you feel more than just friendship. Having a friend to whom you feel romantically attracted. In this article I won’t talk about what you can do to save your friendship and end your romantic attraction towards their friend.

Obviously, another thing that you could do is talk to your friends and explain him or her how you feel then that you would like to engage in a relationship with that person and not just the French. However, be aware that in this case you risk losing the friendship. Because the unrequited love is torturous for the person who feels the attraction, psychologic studies have shown that there is also emotional pain inflicted on the person that is being pursued. Of course, it’s flattering if somebody loves us. But it’s not just flattering. If we don’t love that person back, and we don’t want them to feel bad because we like them or we feel empathy towards them, then Devcon caused us to feel pain, because we know that we are the reason for their suffering.

See you definitely have to make a decision. Maybe your friend feels the same way to its yuan is also afraid to express that. And then the two of you could actually engage in what both of you want, a happy relationship. But in most cases that is not the case. In most cases it’s one person friendship this one person wants a romantic relationship.

And if you don’t want to risk your friendship than what you should do is to try to fall out of love with your friend. And the best piece of advice I can give you is really that you kind of stay away for certain amount of time. Just avoid contact as much as possible. Not for ever, just for a couple of weeks or months. During this time you have the possibility to emotionally detach yourself from the attraction that you feel towards that person. But probably will not happen automatically, you will have to work with.

One way you can work on this but actually making a list of reasons why it’s a bad idea to engage in a romantic relationship with your friend. Maybe a friend already has a boy or girlfriend. And then you shouldn’t take your friend out of that relationship and break another person’s heart and cause a lot of trouble.

During the time when you don’t see them, hang out with other people as much as possible. If you have a trusted friend that you can talk to, then you absolutely should talk about this. It’s good to relieve yourself that way. If you don’t have a trusted friend and I suggest that you just talked with some kind of counsel for Gore adviser. I’m not telling you that you have to go to therapy. If you really suffering intensely, you might consider therapy but in most cases it is really not necessary. There’s so many hot lines that help people who suffer from heart and 1/2 acres. You can just call them and talk with them and just talking will already make you feel better if somebody is listening with an open mind and open heart.

Also enjoy the free time that you have engaged in as many fun activities if you can find. It is very important. Because if you just sit around all day thinking about your friend, the object of your desire, then you are doing yourself a favor. And that’s also not a good way to try to fall out of love with someone.

I’m practicing acceptance is another important step. If you want your friendship to have any chance to survive long-term, you have to really accept that you will never be engaged in a romantic relationship with your friend. And it is easy to say that. It’s even easy to do that on logical, rational level, to think. But to really accepted on an emotional level, that is where most people struggle but you can practice eating acceptance. You can train your emotions just like you can train your muscles. Usually we take much better care of training our muscles than we do of training our emotions. Because many people really aren’t aware that they can influence and train their emotions. But if you absolutely want to really feel acceptance and to really be accepting of the fact that two of you are meant to be friends and that that is the best kind of relationship that you can half, a platonic non-romantic relationship then you can feel that way. You just have to train yourself to feel that way. I go into more detail in the Unrequited Love Advisor